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11. – 15.3.2019 (Monday – Friday), Frankfurt am Main

ISH Energy

In the ISH Energy section, trade visitors can see the entire spectrum of innovative building technology. For building-services and energy technology, this means efficient heating systems in association with renewable energies, such as solar thermal energy conversion and biomass.

At ISH, air-conditioning, cooling and ventilation technology is shown under the name Aircontec. Here, too, the industry presents sustainable, future-oriented solutions that, in addition to heat pumps for heating and cooling, as well solar air-conditioning systems and heat-recovery technology, include free cooling and indirect evaporative cooling.

The ISH Energy section with building-services and energy technology, renewable energies and cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation technology is located in Halls 8, 9, 10 and 11, in the western section of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre.


Building and energy technology

Boilers, burners, heaters, flues, heat pumps, solar energy systems, use of rain water, traditional tiled stoves, fireplaces, fittings and components for heating equipment, MSR technology and home automation


Efficient systems and renewable energies

Solar thermal energy, photovoltaics, biomass, heat pumps, wood and pellet burners, solar-energy systems, traditional tile ovens (Swedish ovens)


Aircontec: air-conditioning, cooling and ventilation technology

Installations, equipment, components and systems for:
centralised and decentralised ventilation technology, air-conditioning units, split, multi-split, VRF systems, cooling, heating systems incorporated into the building fabric, fire and smoke protection, domestic controlled ventilation systems