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The individual bathroom

The ‘fit like a glove’ bathroom

When we talk today about a personalised bathroom, we do not mean extravagant furnishings or particularly original ideas, but a bathroom that in terms of its function and appearance is tailored entirely to the person who uses it and the prevailing structural context.

Nowadays bathrooms in terms of their function and appearance are just as individual as the people who planned them – aided and abetted by the trade, bathroom planners and an industry that is developing more and more ways of facilitating choice with leaflets and online programmes. ‘Pop up my Bathroom’, the trend forum of the Association of the German Sanitation Industry (Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft) working with Messe Frankfurt is currently designing models to show the many and varied aspects of personalised bathroom planning with the intention being to showcase these in a special show at the ISH 2017 in Frankfurt.

No matter whether the consumer prefers a homogeneously designed bathroom or stylised arrangement combining vintage elements, the broad-based and extremely multifaceted product portfolios across almost all the ranges of the leading brand manufacturers offer a solution for every prevailing structural context. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste, therefore, as to which product you choose, since many of these ranges can be personalised in detail. For example, it is possible to individually position water jets and outlets in a shower. Sandblasting can be used to ‘paint’ the shower partition with any personalised pattern you wish or integrate emblems in mirrors, glass or tiles. The big lifestyle brands already offer ‘colour on demand’ bath tubs and wash basins and customers can even to some extent design the external contour of their bathtub themselves. Today it is even possible to manufacture ceramic basins to the exact dimensions required without burdening either production process or the consumer’s purse unreasonably.

Today, if bathroom builders want custom fit bathroom furniture – for cupboards built into alcoves, for room partitions, benches or shelves coving the whole wall, for example – they no longer need the services of a carpenter. Leading bathroom furniture companies offer custom fit components or even whole sections manufactured especially for individually adapted furniture systems. A washbasin and mirror can be fitted under any kind of sloping roof and a shower in an irregularly shaped alcove in the wall.

When it comes to the surface finishes, there is every colour under the rainbow. Possibilities are endless and many parts are replaceable when a few years down the line you no longer like the facing you have chosen. In the light of general trends in furnishing all kinds of paints and coatings are available from polished to ultra matt (no finger marks, of course) and wood designs with knotted grains. You can now get tiles, not only with all kinds of wood effects, embosses and worn appearances, but also in a wide range of formats and patterns to be applied to various floor laying methods from ship’s deck and fishbone to mosaic strips.

In fact, the customising of component fittings is far from the only aspect of the bathroom personalisation. Subtle expression of personal identity is found in the bits and bytes that control the individual settings of faucets, lighting and sound systems which all go to create the perfect, ‘fit like a glove’ bathroom.

All these subjects, current innovations and individual product solutions will be featured for the first time at the ISH.

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