ISH 2023 - FAQ

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the digital platform.

Opening up the digital platform

All functions of the Digital Extension are available until 24 March 2023. The platform with chat function will remain open until 30 April 2023.

Digital platform

The digital presence is already included in the obligatory media package for exhibitors and costs 985 EUR..

As soon as information is filled out in the MPM, the exhibitor can see directly in the preview how it will look on the website, in the app, etc. Unfortunately, the preview does not show the platform, but looks exactly the same as in the exhibitor search on the website.

The digital platform will be activated for exhibitors 4 - 6 weeks prior to the physical fair. For visitors it will be opened 2 - 3 weeks before the physical fair starts. All functions will be available from 13 - 24 March 2023.

The exhibitor passes are valid for both the face-to-face event and the digital platform. With your exhibitor pass you can use the digital platform for the entire duration of the event.

Visitor tickets are valid for both the face-to-face event and the digital platform. With your day ticket, you can use the digital platform for the entire duration of the event.

Your exhibitor profile, which you create via the Media Package Manager (MPM), will also be transferred to the digital platform. You will find information on the technical requirements below:

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge are best suited for participation in the digital event. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the most stable browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported by the digital platform.

Structure of the platform

The platform and also the streams will be available in both German and English. At the top of the screen you will find the icon for switching languages.

In the "My Profile" tab, your personal data will be taken from your registration. You can change and add to this data at any time before the event. This data is used to present you with the best possible matches.

With the help of a mathematical algorithm and your user behaviour, we check the matches between your details in the networking section and the details of the other participants. If you open the details of the participant by clicking on the name, you will see the areas in which you have matches. You have the possibility to get other matches by changing your interests.

Under "Search Participants" in the Networking section, you can also find other participants. With the help of different filters & also with the search you can narrow down your results.

Once the exhibitor's main contact has access to the platform, they can customise their onboarding information such as product categories, interest in, search for, etc.

Visitors will be asked for the same information. If the answers match on both sides, they are suggested to each other.

The answers are considered in aggregate, i.e. the more information the better and the more matching answers the better the quality of the lead.

If there is still only one match or no match at all, they can also get in touch.

Helpful explanatory videos on the platform are available here: Explainer videos

You are also welcome to listen to our podcast, which presents Messe Frankfurt's hybrid event format.


People who are in different locations can use a videocall to talk on the phone and see each other via video at the same time.

You can participate in a video call with a laptop, PC or mobile device. To be able to use all the functions of a video call, you need a device with a camera and a microphone.

Mobile devices may have limitations due to different versions of the various operating systems.

As soon as you open the exhibitor profile, you will find exhibitors' staff members who are available for a video call. You can start the videocall directly by clicking the "Ad-hoc Videocall" button.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment.

Ticketing / Access authorisation


The ticket shop opens in autumn 2022. There you will find all details.

Visitors can log in to the platform using the trade fair login.

After the initial registration on the platform, visitors go through an onboarding process that helps them create their profile, e.g. questions that will be included in the matchmaking process. Visitors can also upload a photo and indicate which languages they speak.

Exhibitor representative

The exhibitor pass also represents parallel access authorisation for exhibitor representatives on the platform. These are created in the exhibitor ticket portal (ATP) by the exhibitor's main contact person (HAP). With the trade fair login, the exhibitor representative can log on to the platform and is directly assigned to the exhibitor profile. In advance, all exhibitor representative profiles are inactive and must be activated on the platform by the HAP.

The main contact person is the company representative who is the first point of contact for correspondence with the exhibition team. This person has admin rights on the platform and must activate the profiles of the exhibitor representatives. He or she can also appoint one or more representatives, who thus also have admin rights. In addition, the main contact person can edit the exhibitor profile.

Additional, digital advertising options

There will be a variety of different digital advertising options at ISH 2023. As usual, you can book these at a later date for a fee at Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH.

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