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Flue gas systems - versatile systems

The demand for heating systems with solid fuels and wood burning and pellet stoves continue to place chimneys in the focus of builders and planners. Anyone constructing a new building should always think about the value of their building and plan the option of connecting a wood fireplace through a chimney in as central a location as possible.

In new buildings and during renovations, flue gas systems are also used to dissipate flue gases from oil and gas-fuelled fireplaces. The flue gas systems of heating systems have to be optimally adapted to the type of firing. Flue gas systems as chimneys or for gas and oil boilers are usually made of stainless steel or ceramic inner pipes. Plastic is additionally used in gas-fired or oil-fired condensing boilers.

In combination with a single room furnace, the flue gas system provides comfort
In combination with a single room furnace, the flue gas system provides comfort

Suitable for every heating system

Stainless steel and ceramic flue gas systems have many capabilities and are suitable for all approved fuels. Various manufacturers provide systems that differ in the pressure and temperature range. Designs that withstand the maximum flue gas temperatures of 200 °C are suitable for oil-and gas-fuelled fireplaces. If a solid fuel system – such as a wood burning stove or a wood boiler – has to be connected, the flue gas system should be designed to withstand a flue gas temperature of at least 400 °C.

Stainless steel flue gas systems

Flue gas systems made of stainless steel are available in single and double-walled designs. They are easy to manufacture and are often used intentionally as an architectural design feature on buildings. They are suitable for interior and exterior installation and, depending on the design and type of fuel used, for negative or positive pressure operation.

Flue gas systems with ceramic inner pipes

Ceramic chimneys usually have a two or three-shell structure. The core element is always a high-temperature resistant ceramic pipe. Due to the almost unlimited range of applications with all heating systems and fuels, the ceramic chimney is often also used in combination with different pipe diameters.

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