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Organiser: Messe Frankfurt with the collaboration of The Association of the German Sanitation Industry (VDS)
Location: Foyer Hall 4.0, Room Europa

During the leading international trade show for the sanitary industry, the ISH in Frankfurt in 2019, things at the Pop up my Bathroom trend platform were pretty colourful. Tiles, bathroom furniture, washbasins and bathtubs all get a new colourful expressiveness – sometimes a restrained tone-in-tone, sometimes overtly self-confident with reds and even multi-coloured effects. In 2019, the bathroom will undergo another upgrade as a multi-purpose, brightly coloured and life-affirming place of personal retreat and will again be driving forward lifestyle trends. A ‘mix and match’ approach with painted vintage pieces, Boho rugs and cushions has long been finding its way into other living spaces like living rooms and kitchens – now, this new colourfulness is working its magic on the bathroom, with a variety of stylish accents.

The special show ‘Pop up my Bathroom’ has been organised by Messe Frankfurt and the Association of the German Sanitation Industry (Vereinigung der Deutschen Sanitärwirtschaft - VDS).

Held in the room ‘Europa’ in the Foyer of Hall 4.0, it showcased the varied possibilities for using state-of-the-art bathroom design features in a number of selected combinations.

Textiles are ideal for bringing colour into the bathroom; but we now find that there is a revolutionary new trend for colour in integrated products such as vanity units and basins, mineral cast and ceramic items, taps and mixers, shower cubicles and bathtubs. Particularly popular are both powerful, eye-catching colours in the yellow-orange-red spectrum and a palette of blues that bring with them a Nordic freshness. For interior design in the bathroom, green is the colour of the moment. The different greens range from a delicate pastel green and several fresh greens to a dark elegance. It is a trend that can be attributed to an increased environmental awareness amongst customers, symbolising, also, as the colours do, the health-giving aspects of the bathroom. Warm, powdery pastel tones from a subdued colour palette create a comfortable, easy-to-live-in feel in the bathroom. Lining up in the background are white and black, as well as all shades of grey. Black is used on its own as the dominant colour and combined with materials such as marble and brass. And there is a fundamental demand for individually designed bathrooms, with colour co-ordinated combinations of products and materials.

On the whole, strong colours and patterns previously appeared only on waterproof wall coverings on the bathroom walls. But the bathtub, lavatory pan, wash basin and tiles remained white. Now, however, a wide variety of colours and shades have reached key aspects of sanitary equipment and are re-interpreting afresh the one- time shiny, coloured bathrooms of the 1980s.

Trend Forum to discuss the potential of the use of colour

Talk at Pop up my Bathroom

Visual and cultural research into trends in bathroom design, including current colour trends, were not only be showcased in the extensive exhibition at ISH 2019; it was also be the subject of various lectures in the adjoining Trend Forum.

‘Pop up my Bathroom’ is held as part of the leading international trade fair every two years and embodies the findings of a study, which provides an overview of trends in the bathroom for both professionals and consumers.

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Pop up my Bathroom 2017

Besucher von Pop up my Bathroom

“What is typically individual?” and “What types of individual bathrooms are there?” – those questions were asked at the Pop up my Bathroom trend forum during ISH 2017. No fewer than eight answers showed where things are heading. That’s because the bathroom will look completely different depending on which trend most influences the user and what his priorities are. So what exactly are those trends and what options for customisation are already available to consumers, or will be in the near future? Pop up my Bathroom explored the entire spectrum in the form of eight 3D collages – in photographs and “in the flesh” at ISH 2017.

Fashion Bathroom

White-on-white monotony with walls tiled all the way up to the ceiling was yesterday: the bathroom is becoming a stylish feel-good space that people enjoy spending time in. – Bathing in colour: the Fashion Bathroom is a catwalk for individual style. At the Pop up my Bathroom trend platform, the trend towards more fashion in the bathroom is staged in up-to-the-minute shades of rosé.

Sophisticated Bathroom

Simple, tasteful and above all original: the modern urban bathroom has style and takes a self-assured approach to its historical heritage. It doesn’t matter whether the furniture is meant for the living room or the bathroom: as long as the look is right, anything goes. – The Sophisticated Bathroom is very much on trend as a modern alternative to the country style – especially in cool, stylish bathrooms in urban apartments, which tend to be on the small side.

Healthy Bathroom

When it comes to taking care of body and soul, the bathroom is taking on new meaning: as a private gym with hydrotherapy treatments in an individual feel-good atmosphere. Modern technology is used to integrate traditional techniques and create a personalised oasis. –  Tomorrow’s bathroom won’t just be cosier; in modern interiors, it will also take on the function of a health promotion centre where water plays an important role in prevention.

Comfortable Bathroom

Expectations of the bathroom have increased – and will continue to do so. At the same time, consumers no longer primarily define comfort in terms of traditional signs of luxury like marble or exclusive designer fittings, but in terms of personalised bathroom equipment and design. Because the Comfortable Bathroom is no longer built for generations, but for the moment. 365 days a year. – In the Comfortable Bathroom, the focus is on individual needs.

Digital Bathroom

Classic bathroom products and high-tech functions are merging into the Digital Bathroom. Even today, a wave of the hand is all it takes to start the water running or bathe the room in the desired light. – The Digital Bathroom is merging classic bathroom products and interactive surfaces into one homogenous entity.

Nature Bathroom

The Nature Bathroom embodies the vision of a bathroom that expresses its commitment to sustainable action and nature through the choice of materials, design and water technology. – The (not totally unrealistic) dream of a green bathroom: with today’s know-how and the latest products from the sanitary industry, planning the bathroom with a focus on ecological aspects is no problem.

Condensed Bathroom

The Condensed Bathroom provides the essence of modern bathroom culture in a compact space: when it comes to the ideal bathroom for urban areas and a target audience that wants to live where the action is without missing out on anything, this could well be the face of the future. – The Condensed Bathroom for modern families or lifestyle-conscious singles: nowadays, anybody with a sense of style wants sophisticated furnishings, even when space is in short supply.

Innovative Bathroom

What does the bathroom of the future look like? Which new technologies and social developments will have a lasting influence on the bathroom? In addition to the surge of innovations being driven by digitalisation, the bathroom will have to provide new usage options as well. – Besides the surge of innovations being driven by digitalisation and new impetus from 3D printing technology, the Innovative Bathroom will have to provide new usage options as well.

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