Stove Forum

Stove forum

Organiser: Messe Frankfurt in cooperation with the German Tiled Stove Working Group (AdK), the Industrial Association for Heating and Kitchen Technology (HKI) and The German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK)
: Hall 9.2, D05

Wood is by far the most important renewable source of heat. Used intelligently and responsibly, wood-fired heating systems are an indispensable part of the energy transition.

Besides a variety of informative details, the Stove Forum was also an excellent opportunity to enter into discussions with colleagues from the sector.

The programme of lectures focused on subjects of interest and relevance for the whole sector.  

Stove Flame 2019

The Europe-wide 2019 ‘Stove Flame’ design award is a design / photo competition for artisan stove makers and is organised by ‘Kamine & Kachelöfen’ magazine published by Fachschriften-Verlag and the ZVSHK with the kind support of AdK and VEUKO.

The competition is for independently planned and hand-made individual heating systems, such as basic stoves, hot-air stoves, fireplaces, hypocausts and ranges.

The presentation was held at the Stove Forum at 16.00 hrs on 13 March 2019.

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