Selected statements from trades and gilds about ISH 2021

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It is important that ISH 2021 be held. The need for the fair is also reflected by statements from the sanitation, heating and air-conditioning trade, published by the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK). In these difficult times, it is vital for companies to be able to see new products, do new business and, in particular, hold personal discussions. Moreover, the current challenges mean the sector’s top themes are more relevant than ever before.

Helmut Bramann

Helmut Bramann, Chief Executive, German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK):

‘The latest representative poll among the companies belonging to our association once again showed that the great majority of sanitation, heating and air-conditioning firms (80 %) consider taking part in trade fairs to be the right and important thing to do even in corona times. The prerequisite: a convincing hygiene concept for the venue. Therefore, #ISHWEARETHERE! is the trade’s message for ISH 2021, scheduled to be held in Frankfurt next March. At an early stage, ISH presented a comprehensive and well-thought-out hygiene concept that has been agreed with the public-health authorities. In view of this, I have little sympathy for important market partners who cancel their participation in the fair and give hygiene as the reason for doing so.’

Ralf Leuthäuser

Ralf Leuthäuser, CEO and proprietor of Leuthäuser & Scharfe Sanitär- und Heizungs GmbH:

‘The sanitation, heating and ventilation trade did a great job during the lockdown. As part of the essential infrastructure, we demonstrated just how indispensable we are. Hence, it is all the more important that a fair is to be held again with strict hygiene and protection requirements.’

Dirk Jänichen

Dirk Jänichen, Jänichen Versorgungstechnik GmbH:

‘Protecting colleagues and customers has top priority. However, corona has wreaked economic havoc in Germany. And this means we need to be bold, too. The ISH fair can be a new start.’

Thorsten Jakob

Thorsten Jakob, Head of Craft Guild, Innung SHK Hofgeismar-Wolfhagen:

‘As a sanitation, heating and ventilation company, we have to prove ourselves in the corona stress test day in, day out. And, on the basis of the demonstrably responsible approach adopted by the majority of companies, the association has created a sanitation, heating and ventilation code of practice. This reflects the fundamental attitude of the trade: problems are tackled head-on and solutions sought – normality as far as possible despite making every effort to ensure the safety of staff and customers. We expect this from our market partners, too.’

Thomas Werner

Thomas Werner, personally liable partner of Cordes & Graefe KG, the GC Group holding:

‘ISH is a hugely popular platform for our sector. There, our customers from the specialist trade find the impressive spectrum offered by our industry partners, from products and services to digital innovations. Seeing, feeling, being astonished and testing – all are distinguishing features of the trade fair in Frankfurt. With the necessary distancing and suitable tools, it is possible to hold this major event and make it attractive even in these times. As wholesalers, we support ISH in the interests of all partners in the three-tier distribution system.’

Andreas Cloer

Andreas Cloer, GEBRO HERWIG Haustechnik GmbH:

‘I am going to ISH because I am looking for direct contact with the exhibitors and manufacturers. You can't discuss everything via a video conference. Personal meetings provide sounder and deeper information.’

Manfred Obieray

Manfred Obieray, State Gild Master of the Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association Schleswig-Holstein:

‘The experience brought by the coronavirus pandemic precludes any thought of 'business as before.' Still, it is no good sticking our heads in the sand: the challenges which our industry must face are too great – the energy revolution, hygiene for drinking water, and personal accessibility, to name just a few headings. Skilled businesses need to stay state-of-the-art, and for this purpose trade fairs are vital. So I am looking forward to ISH 2021, especially since I know that everything is being done to minimise the risks from the coronavirus. 
At the same time ISH 2021 can claim to be the first really hybrid leading international trade fair, i.e. in the way it will make everything actually happening at the fair in Frankfurt available digitally as well. This is particularly exciting for businesses from Schleswig-Holstein, who this year missed out on the information provided by GET Nord and the journey to Frankfurt is too far.’

Bernd Simon

Bernd Simon, Deputy Chairman of the Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association  Baden-Württemberg:

‘Digital development has been a powerful motive force. What we now need, however, is direct exchange of views and information again.’

Stefan Menrath

Stefan Menrath, Senior Master of Heidelberg Gild:

‘85% of all businesses want an opportunity to exchange views and information at the fair. Now that the regional trade fairs have been cancelled, the trade needs new input and an indication that things are going somewhere!’

Eberhard Bürgel

Eberhard Bürgel, Deputy State Gild Master, Lower Saxony Association:

‘For 40 years I have enjoyed coming repeatedly to Frankfurt. This fair is a major meeting point for national and international exhibitors and trade visitors, to find out about new products, trends, digitalisation, and developments in design. It serves as a unique platform for interesting and sustainable contacts between industry and trade businesses. I have always taken away and put into practice something for the development of my business – innovations which have brought my business forward. In this process personal contact at the fair was of vital importance. It will be the same in the future. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the next ISH will be different, but no less interesting. I am looking forward to it.’   

Alfred Keller

Alfred Keller, Senior Master of the Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Gild, Lake Constance section:

‘99% of all businesses do not want to get their information just digitally. Digital formats cannot replace direct exchange of views and information. Trade businesses will continue to need trade fairs.’

Michael Hilpert

Michael Hilpert, President of the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK):

‘Who, if not our industry, is to show how to deal properly with questions of hygiene and health – and, by holding a trade fair demonstrating a sense of responsibility, to set an indicator that such is possible?’