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Product segments of ISH

ISH is the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings. It sets trends for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating and air-conditioning technology as well as intelligent home systems.

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Visitors of ISH

ISH meets the growing demand for comfort, convenience, individualisation, well-being and aesthetics. Integrated solutions are able to cover all these requirements and make a decisive contribution to energyefficient and resource-friendly building systems.

Over 2,000 exhibitors* launch their latest products, technologies and solutions onto the world market at ISH. ISH has, therefore, a leading role worldwide as the occasion per se when the sector comes together – 72 percent of the exhibitors* and 44 percent of the around 153,000 visitors* come from outside Germany.

* (ISH 2023)

ISH Energy

Highly ambitious climate protection targets at international and European level require decisive action and the use of all innovative solutions in the heating market.

As the leading international event for efficiency technologies and renewable energies in the heating market, the ISH shows which marketable solutions the European industry is already developing for the Green Deal. The focus will be on the importance of the dual strategy of heating high-tech and a green energy mix for achieving climate protection targets.

As international showcase, the ISH provides a variety of approaches and solutions for the challenges of the present and the future. These include greater electrification and the associated innovative heat pump technology, the H2 readiness of condensing boiler technology and combined heat and power.

One focus is on intelligently networked systems for buildings, in which a management system intelligently links a PV system with a heat pump, a stationary battery, the other consumers in the building and with e-mobility via the wallbox. The previous consumer becomes a prosumer, and the self-sufficiency and decentralisation of the energy supply comes ever closer. Sector coupling is thus not only a topic at political events, but is actually implemented by the exhibitors at ISH Energy.


Heat pump

As the major vehicle for stimulus in the sector, ISH showcases the future developments in the heating market. In Halls 11 and 12, exhibitors will be showcasing their state-of-the-art modern heating technology and heating systems, from efficient heat generation to heat circulation and transfer. The ‘Pumps’ product group, together with other components of the central heating system – expansion vessels, stop-cocks, fittings and heating units - are all grouped together under the heading of ‘Heat Distribution’, in Halls 9.0 and 9.1.

Refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment

ISH visitors

The area covering cooling and refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation technology is showcased in the one place, in Hall 8. The focus, here, is on future-proof solutions for greater automation and convenience – with, at the same time, improvements in energy efficiency and use of renewable energies.

Home and building automation


Intelligent building services technology is the key to improving energy efficiency, whilst at the same time increasing the degree of convenience and comfort. Home and building automation, energy management, together with monitoring, control and regulation technology, as well as testing equipment, are all located in Halls 10.2 and 10.3. This means that they are right at the heart of the ISH Energy section, since this is the segment that links all the technical trades. 

Technical Building Services Equipment at Messe Frankfurt

ISH Water

The modern bathroom is designed as an inviting and special room, which encompasses all the senses and in which both body and mind can feel equally comfortable. The ISH Water section is the world’s largest showroom for modern bathroom concepts and sustainable sanitation solutions, showcasing the entire range, from high-tech to high-end design.

The Bathroom Experience


In the ‘Bathroom Experience’, the manufacturers will be presenting the latest design trends, together with modern sustainable technology tailored to meet today’s needs. What will the bathroom of the future look like? And how will it manage to meet the diverse needs of the people that use it? The exhibitors’ solutions, which you will be able to see first-hand in the ‘Water’ zone, are as varied as people’s wishes. The ‘Bathroom Experience’ is housed in Halls 1,3, 4.1, 4.2, as well as in the Festhalle and the Forum.

Installation Technology

Exhibitors and visitors of ISH

Modern installation systems, tools and fixing materials, which meet the latest demands in respect of drinking water hygiene and the quality of materials, complete the range of products in the ‘ISH Water’ section of the show and can be found in Halls 4.0, 5.1, 6.0 and 6.1

Messe Frankfurt – the leading venue for intelligent building technology

ISH and Light + Building in Frankfurt are outstanding international presentation platforms for the products of manufacturers of market-ready solutions, systems and products for house and building automation. Held in alternate years, the two leading trade fairs offer companies working in the field of house and building automation the best possible opportunity to present their latest products and innovations – at Light + Building where the focus is on electrical engineering and at ISH which spotlights the heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and sanitation sector.

At both events, the interdisciplinary field of house and building automation plays a decisive role, albeit with different focal points. While the emphasis at Light+Building is on automatic solutions in the field of electrical engineering, such as energy technology, security, communication and interfaces to intelligent power management and electric mobility, ISH stresses products and solutions for the mechanical disciplines of sanitation, heating, air-conditioning, cooling, fire-fighting and ventilation technology. At both fairs, manufacturers also present systems for facility services and intelligent energy management, which ensure sustainable and efficient building operation.

With the ISH and Light + Building trade fairs, Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre is the world’s leading venue for intelligent building technology.

Technical Building Services Equipment
  • Sanitary technology with water purification and waste-water treatment
  • Compressed air / vacuum installations
  • Swimming-pool technology
  • Extinguishers: hydrants, sprinklers, foam extinguishers, gas extinguishers
  • Heating and cooling
  • Domestic hot water systems and solar-thermal equipment
  • Heat pumps, CHP units
  • Air-conditioning, fresh air provision, ventilation, smoke extraction systems
  • Process air engineering and equipment
  • Refrigeration and cooling
  • Mains voltage installations and equipment (medium and low tension)
  • Backup electricity generators (emergency power supply)
  • Regenerative power generation (sun, wind, geo)
  • Cable and wiring networks, distribution boards and consumer units
  • Cable-laying systems and looms, bus systems

Lighting technology

  • Lighting systems and lighting technology
  • Security and emergency lighting
  • Lighting and lighting-related technology

Messaging / Communications technology

  • In-house telephones, intercom systems
  • Loudspeaker and PA systems
  • Aerials and antennae
  • Computer networks, technologies for linking PCs and telephone networks
  • Wireless systems for automated building services
  • Media technology

Security technology

  • Hazard alarm systems, burglar and malfunction alarm technologies
  • Lightning protection (other than building protection)
  • Building alarm systems
  • Access control and time recording
  • Video, envelope and perimeter surveillance

Building automation

  • Automation systems
  • Switchboards, distribution boards
  • Management and user interfaces
  • Room automation systems
  • Distribution & transmission networks / grids
  • Elevators, conveyors and storage technology
  • Personal and goods elevators
  • Moving staircases and walkways
  • Pneumatic Tube Transport (PTT) systems

Other areas:

  • Shutters and gates
  • Shading and sunlight protection
  • Blinds