Solutions for Installation

Innovative technologies, state-of-the-art tools, efficient storage and transport concepts and the latest developments in industrial prefabrication.

Efficient solutions for installation in the HVAC sector involve a holistic approach that includes tools, fastening, operation, storage & transport and industrial pre-assembly.
The use of modern tools plays a key role in optimising work processes. Well-equipped vehicles, whether vans or transporters, offer sufficient storage space for tools and materials. In order to be sustainable on the road in the future, e-vehicles and, for urban centres, cargo bikes will also be on display.
Industrial pre-assembly is revolutionising the way construction projects are carried out.
ISH offers integrated solutions for installation in the HVAC sector and thus an answer to the challenges of the modern construction industry: from high-quality tools to well-organised storage facilities and efficient means of transport to industrial pre-assembly.

Solutions for the installation
Werkzeuge & Befestigung

Safe and standard-compliant installation of pipes in the sanitary, heating and drinking water sectors requires precise tools and reliable fastening systems.
Pipe cutters enable pipes to be cut precisely to the required length, while thread cutters are essential for creating threads at the pipe ends. Bending devices are used in particular for flexible pipe materials and enable adaptation to structural conditions.

The products include:

  • Screws, screw accessories, dowels, furniture and building fittings, fire protection for pipework
  • Pipe tools and machines for plumbers, heating engineers, refrigeration and air conditioning technicians and service engineers.
  • Fitting tools, pipe cleaning equipment
  • Pressing tools for the installation of pipes for drinking water installations, panel heating and gas pipes.

Well-equipped warehouses, workshops and efficient transport facilities are crucial for installers to be able to carry out their daily tasks effectively and professionally.
A well-organised warehouse is the linchpin. This is where pipes, fittings and tools as well as spare parts and consumables are stored. Systematic warehouse management enables quick identification and procurement of required materials and speeds up work processes considerably.
Efficient transport facilities are essential for installers, as they often commute between different construction sites. A well-equipped vehicle, be it a van or delivery truck, should have sufficient storage space for tools and materials. A clever arrangement and organisation in the vehicle enables quick access to the required items and helps installers to be mobile and flexible and, with the use of electric vehicles, also sustainable.
ISH 2025 offers workshop and shop equipment as well as vehicle and plant equipment.


Industrial pre-assembly is a forward-looking solution to meet the increasing demands for efficiency, quality and sustainability. It involves the manufacture of construction elements, such as pipework, fitting sets or heating components, in industrial production facilities before they are transported to the construction site.
A significant advantage of pre-assembly lies in the precision and quality of the components produced. Modern production processes are used in highly specialised production facilities to ensure exact dimensions and standards. This leads to greater consistency and reliability of the installed systems.
Saving time is another decisive factor. As many components are already pre-assembled on site, installation time is significantly reduced.