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Essential for life: The importance of fresh air

"Air is an essential part of life - just like food. Of course, we do not want to eat spoiled food, so we should also attach importance to clean air in an ambient state. We don't just breathe this air, we literally bathe in it."

We consume 15kg of air every day. This is primarily indoor air - not fresh air like in forests and meadows. Therefore, it is very important that pollutants in this indoor air are reduced as much as possible - especially in today's times. In this podcast episode, Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaup tells us how this can be achieved.
: Dominique Ewert (Messe Frankfurt)

...managing partner of the company HOWATHERM Klimatechnik GmbH, based in Brücken, since 1993. But that's not all: He is 1st Chairman of the Building Climate Association of the ZVEI, honorary professor at Trier University of Applied Sciences and member of many standards and guidelines committees - for Prof. Dr. Kaup, profession is vocation.

Building Technology Experts

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