Software Solutions

Increased efficiency, digitalisation and optimisation of business processes - the right software solution for your business.

Various software solutions for architects, planners and skilled trade will be presented at the ISH, depending on requirements. The range of applications includes planning software for new and existing buildings, as well as office software and software for building management.
Software solutions offer a platform for the digital optimisation of all building-related processes.
Merging and analysing data not only increases efficiency, but also enables the sustainable management of buildings.
In the area of planning new buildings, the software enables precise planning and modelling to provide architects and building owners with a detailed visualisation of the planned project. For existing properties, there are comprehensive solutions for modernisation and maintenance through precise data colletction and analysis.
In office operation, the software plays a key role in order management, quotation preparation, stock control and financial accounting.

Software solutions
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Software for construction and the planning of building sevices plays a key role in the efficient management and modernisation of existing properties. These specialised programs offer comprehensive solutions to support and optimise complex planning and construction processes for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitation.
During the planning phase, the construction software enables the creation of detailed models and plans that accurately reflect the current condition of the existing buildings. This not only facilitates the identification of renovation needs, but also enables precise cost estimation and resource planning.


For the construction of buildings, the software for the construction industry enables the creation of precise models and designs that allow a detailed visualisation of the planned new building. Not only architectural aspects are taken into account, but building services planning elements are also integrated:

  • Creation of drinking water networks with the help of drinking water pipe network calculation
  • Creation of heating networks and heating load calculation
  • Creation of waste water networks with the help of waste water pipe network calculations
  • Creation of cooling networks, cooling load calculation or cooling pipe network calculation

During the construction phase, the software facilitates project management by monitoring resource allocation, schedules and budgets. The use of software solutions improves communication between those involved in the construction, resulting in a smooth and coordinated realisation of the new building.

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Software solutions enable comprehensive digitalisation and optimisation of business processes in the everyday office life of sanitary, heating and air conditioning. companies. The specialised programmes offer a wide range of functions that make day-to-day operations easier. A central function is order management, which enables HVAC companies to record all relevant information on projects, installations and service orders in a structured manner. This includes the planning of appointments, the allocation of tasks to employees and the documentation of work carried out.
The preparation of quotations is made more efficient by the corresponding software. Predefined templates facilitate the rapid creation of precise and professional quotations for customers. Product and price lists can also be easily integrated.
Stock management is another important function for keeping track of available materials and inventory. By automatically updating stock levels, orders and reorders can be managed effectively to avoid bottlenecks and optimise storage costs.
Financial accounting is also supported by appropriate software, which not only simplifies accounting but also ensures compliance with tax regulations. Invoicing, payment transactions and receivables management can thus be organised more efficiently.

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Software solutions for building management are indispensable tools for optimising the efficiency and sustainability of buildings. A central component is facility management, which can be supported by software. This includes the management of resources such as energy and water to ensure sustainable utilisation. The software also enables maintenance work to be planned and monitored and service requests and repairs to be tracked.
The integration of smart home systems also increases convenience for residents. For example, heating and air conditioning can be controlled individually via an app.