Solutions for Bathrooms

Today, the modern bathroom is more than just an oasis of well-being and a place of retreat. It is tailored to the needs of its users and features smart technologies.

In addition to the demand for design and accessibility, the issue of sustainability is increasingly coming to the fore in both public and private bathrooms. Water and energy-saving technology make a decisive contribution here, both in front of and behind the wall. Individual design options, high quality and timeless design also ensure a long service life. The use of natural and recyclable materials is also an integral part of sustainable bathroom design.

The ISH will be showcasing solutions for modern sanitary facilities for a wide range of different target groups in the following areas of application.

Solutions for bathrooms

Today, the private bathroom is much more than a purely functional place. It is a lifestyle space and an oasis of well-being. Smart water and energy-saving products, durable design, environmentally friendly industrial production and sustainable materials can be optimally combined to convey a feeling of closeness to nature.
The ISH showcases equipment for the everyday bathroom, whether at home or in a hotel, e.g. toilets, washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs, shower enclosures, bathroom furniture and accessories as well as mixer taps and showers.

Turning your own bathroom into a private spa promises a regenerative break with a health-promoting effect - a piece of luxury. A private spa includes both simple and highly complex products such as bathtubs or whirlpools - for indoors or outdoors - infrared saunas or individually programmable showers, classic water treatments, clean aesthetics, smart products for soothing lighting and experience-enhancing multimedia features.
The ISH showcases upmarket sanitary equipment for the private spa or hotel, including private swimming pools and saunas.

Public bathrooms

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the issue of hygiene into the public eye and shown how important it is in all areas of daily life. This is particularly true for public, semi-public and commercial sanitary facilities such as in office buildings, shopping centres, restaurants, gyms, hotels, event venues, schools and universities, as well as in production buildings. Minimising manual surface contact and antimicrobial surfaces can significantly reduce the spread of germs and viruses. In addition, special requirements apply to these sanitary facilities in terms of durability, robustness and low maintenance.
The ISH showcases products and equipment for public, semi-public and industrial sanitary facilities, such as stainless steel sanitary equipment, hygiene dispensers, hand dryers, touchless taps, etc.

Care sector bathroom

Bathrooms for care homes, rehabilitation clinics and hospitals have special requirements. The products used there must be able to withstand constant stress and be functional. Spending time in the bathroom should not just be for cleaning, hygiene and medical use, but should also allow for normal bathing pleasure. At the same time, the bathroom should offer sufficient freedom of movement for another person to assist with personal hygiene.
ISH offers sanitary solutions for the individual needs of care bathrooms, from washbasins and accessories to fittings, folding support handles and seats, lifts, lifting baths and stand-up aids.

Bathroom installation

The installation of a new bathroom is subject to complex processes and regulations. Due to demographic change and scarce resources, as well as increased requirements and task packages, more efficient solutions are needed for the trade. Modern installation systems and techniques save time and installation costs while increasing customer satisfaction.
At the ISH, you will find prefabricated installation systems, flushing systems, shower channels and drains, among other things.