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Solutions for Sanitary & HVAC Production

The production of sanitary and HVAC products requires a comprehensive range of high-quality components that meet the specific requirements of sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology.

Choosing the right materials is crucial for the durability, efficiency and environmental compatibility of the products.
Services are another key aspect of production to ensure the highest quality standards, efficiency and innovation.

Solutions for sanitary & HVAC production
Trade fair visitors stand in front of components for heat generators

The manufacture of heat generators requires careful selection of components and accessories to ensure efficient and reliable operation. By carefully selecting and integrating components such as heat exchangers, heating rods, housings, soundproofing and insulation materials, the manufacture of heat generators can fulfil the requirements for efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety.

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Water-saving mechanisms, such as flow restrictors and flushing technologies, are important components for minimizing water consumption and promoting environmental sustainability. In addition, seals, valves and fittings are essential for controlling and regulating the flow of water.
High-quality materials such as stainless steel, ceramics, robust plastics and surface coatings contribute to the durability and hygiene of sanitary products.

Ventilation unit

The range of components presented at the ISH is as diverse as the individual requirements and areas of application of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation units. All products related to air handling, air distribution, air regulation, air filtering, air conditioning, heat recovery and refrigerant circuits can be found here. Specialised sensors and control technology are essential to monitor operating parameters, control the performance of air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation units, including efficiency criteria, and for integrating the equipment into a building automation, smart home or HEMS system.

Measuring devices

The quality and reliability of the components installed contribute to the safe and energy-efficient operation of the building. Sensors and measuring systems precisely record extensive data from installations, rooms and surroundings and transmit this data to control and regulation units via a wired bus system or wireless standard. From there, actuators such as valves, actuators, pumps and switches on the installed technical devices and systems are controlled via bus or radio in order to achieve the desired operating states in the building.

Specialised manufacturers showcase sanitary and HVAC products that they develop and produce for other companies under their brand names.

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For the sanitary and HVAC industry, various components and parts are manufactured from different raw materials, including brass, copper, aluminum, polymers and silicones.
It is important to use high-quality raw materials in order to fulfil the quality and safety requirements in the various fields of application. Companies in this sector are committed to meet industry standards to ensure smooth manufacturing processes.

Exhibitors and visitors in conversation

From development consulting and prototype production to material consulting, quality control and logistical support, various service providers will be showcasing their range of services at the ISH.