ISH 2021 Top Themes

Against the background of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world’s leading trade fair for HVAC + Water brought the sector together online from 22 to 26 March 2021. It promoted dialogue between the various skilled trades and sets new benchmarks. The major themes at ISH reflect the latest trends and developments in the sector.

Keeping track on development: With its core topics water, heating and air-conditioning, ISH has always been socially relevant. That is also the case this year. Iris Jeglitza-Moshage, Member of the Board of Management Messe Frankfurt GmbH, summarises the top themes of ISH digital 2021.

Top Themes ISH Energy

Visitors of ISH

One of the important, future-oriented subjects to be discussed in the energy section of ISH digital 2021 is the Green Deal. Additionally, the spotlight will also be on the enormous significance of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, especially in the light of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

Top Themes ISH Energy overview:

Green Deal

The European Union’s ‘Green Deal’ sets ambitious climate targets. The EU wants, by 2030, to have reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent compared with 1990 levels. For these ambitious targets to be achievable, all sectors of the economy will have to make an active contribution. And there are far-reaching consequences for the largest energy consumer in both Germany and Europe – the heating sector.

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Life-giving air – more important than ever

Ventilation technology can help reduce and filter the concentration of corona aerosols to a large extent by constantly mixing indoor air with fresh air and thus greatly cut the risk of infection.

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Building automation a must

From 2025, the EU will require the presence of relevant building automation functions for the operation of larger non-residential buildings.

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Top Themes ISH Water


The water section will focus thematically on drinking-water hygiene and the trend towards hygiene in the bathroom. With dirt and bacteria resistant surfaces, touch-free operation and hygienic electronic bidets, the sanitation industry presents smart solutions to meet the increasing expectations on hygiene. ‘Pop up my Bathroom’ takes up the top themes and will exclusively present three long-term bathroom-design trends.

Inside | Outside – Pop up my Bathroom defines long-term trends for bathroom design

Under the motto ‘Inside | Outside’, Pop up my Bathroom aims to draw attention to the growing influence of innovative technology ‘behind the wall’. Three trends set to have an enduring influence on the design and construction of bathrooms over the coming years.

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Smart-home solutions for intelligent sanitation concepts

Intelligent sanitation fittings are setting new standards thanks to digitalisation. Smartphone apps not only increase product functionality but also make them much easier to use. At the same time, the individual fittings are more than the sum of their components. Through digitalisation and connectivity, the various parts combine to make intelligent drinking-water systems – for greater comfort, efficiency and hygiene.

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Bathroom Hygiene

Cleanliness through dirt and bacteria resistant surfaces, touch-free fittings and hygienic electronic bidets: hygiene in the bathroom is in greater demand than ever before. The sanitation industry offers smart solutions catering for the ever-increasing expectations on hygiene – no matter whether for the hotel bathroom, public toilets or the private lifestyle bathroom.

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Modernisation trend in the bathroom

If market-research companies are to be believed, the coming years will be characterised by a continuous stream of modernisation projects. In this connection, upgrading the bathroom tops the list of the modernisation work planned in Germany.

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Clean drinking water in Europe

Clean drinking water for both Germany and Europe is the major aim of the leading manufacturers in the sanitation industry. But what does that mean in reality? When is water ‘clean’ and is there really such a thing as ‘drinking water hygiene’?

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